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Section No. 1

Organic Social Media Management

We form relationships with the people that really matter to your business on social media. No matter what industry your business is in, your customers are on social media. Let us help you find them!

Section No. 2

Visual Social Media Content

Professionally designed content to increase your engagement on social media. Especially great if you want to post on and manage your own social media accounts, but with extra kick.

Striving to make Social Media an affordable, cost and time efficient marketing tool for businesses and individuals

We at Elite Discoveries are a group of experienced marketing and technical individuals. Just like the platform we perform our marketing on, we are a social bunch and endeavor to connect with as many people as possible that are looking to achieve a real, organic and engaged audience. That’s our promise.

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How good are we?

The following client was a reputed television show hosting agency in the US and wanted to increase it’s awareness and gain recognition for it’s work. They started with our team and had an exponential rise of 944% in their lead generation and about 112% rise in lead conversion

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How can my business benefit from this?

Return on investment?

This was a online fitness tutorial provider company. The company had an objective of generating more and more exposure for their brand to increase brand awareness and generate sales.

Increase in fan base: 85% in a month
Traffic growth: 2441% in a month 

We designed a relevant call to action and a heartfelt message aiming the importance of fitness in daily life. The fitness influencers promoted this and drove the traffic to the page resulting in increased brand awareness and subsequent sales.


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